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 An Announcement from the Alpha 2 June 2014

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An Announcement from the Alpha 2 June 2014 Empty
PostSubject: An Announcement from the Alpha 2 June 2014   An Announcement from the Alpha 2 June 2014 EmptyMon Jun 02, 2014 6:51 pm

Edgar Seta waits within the Caern until enough Garou are milling about to warrant his time to make an announcement.

"Garou of the Nation," he announces without preamble, "Most of you, at this point, know me relatively well. So I hope the gravity of this announcement is sufficient. By the same token I do not wish any new comers to the Sept of Falling Waters to believe that this is a standard occurence." He rises to his feet and leans on the lecturn/podium he is usually nearby. He seems grave.

"I feel I would be remiss in my duties if I did not, in addition to my regular and accurate criticisms, give praise where it is due." He clears his throat and smooths down his shirt.

"My criticisms of the actions of the Garou of the Nation were noted, quite loudly, at the Caern of the Long Watch. However, my praise remained my own to give and events were unfolding at such a pace as to precluse me making my mind known....

IN any event - to the Garou of Falling Waters, I would like to note that I am proud of how you all handled your assignments. Mistakes were made, certainly on the war party side of things, but that blame fell where it should.

You acted within your auspices, you took unpleasant jobs and you did your best.

Without casting any diminishment towards anyone elses actions I would like to heap specific praise on two of our Ragabash... one of the most overlooked of our Auspices - outside of a moot. To Radu Voda, you took your assignment quite readily and I was glad to see the duty taken seriously and handled with aplumb, especially for one new to our local group.

And to Artemis..." He pauses. "You were put in a difficult situation and you flourished in a way so absolutely convincing and so complete that I thought you'd had assistance from the Theurges. That was, and I say this without hyperbole, inspiring. I hope we can all take a lesson from that - to support Gaia according to our strengths, and bring such creativity and wisdom to our duties to her, to the Caern, and to the Nation, as to inspire others."

He inclines his head to her respectfully.

"Now, to your regularly scheduled programming. I am still somewhat furious at how bungled a few things were. Again, that blame was readily placed upon the appropriate party and it would be a disservice to our own customs to brow beat anyone after the punishments have fallen.

That said: An ounce of prevention, as is colloquially known, is worth a pound of cure. So that such mistakes and errors, in either judgment or tactics, become purely the purvey of our enemies and of less savvy allies, I would have us devote at least some time to our next meeting at large to advice and counsel from all Auspices, as to how better operate on a war footing."

He waves his hand vaguely. "Having garou known their capabilities is important, but having them know their responsibilities is even moreso.

Additionally that outsider Ragabash fellow was largely correct - again, such blame fell squarely where it should - but their capabilities and use are hardly known outside their own auspice... or so it seems sometimes. Our scouting, inflitration, and recon have been hobnailed by a grossly innaccurate view that a Ragabashes role is purely social and they are somehow not equipped to operate in such a manner. A statement which couldn't be further from the truth.

That they were used as sentries rather than scouts and inflitrators strikes me as even more absurd in hindsight as that is usually the withint he wheelhouse, again on a war footing, of the Philodox for our various sensory and crowd control abilities given to us by Gaia and Luna. I would not see our forces so misused in the future."

He looks around. "We can also use this time to open the floor to such a discussion of tactical advice now, but I will still want it reiterated at our next meeting for the benefit of all garou who are not present for whatever social, spiritual, or physical responsible precludes them from being here at this particular time."

He takes his seat again.

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An Announcement from the Alpha 2 June 2014 Empty
PostSubject: Re: An Announcement from the Alpha 2 June 2014   An Announcement from the Alpha 2 June 2014 EmptyMon Jun 02, 2014 7:48 pm

Artemis' shocked look at the Alpha's words fades to a beaming smile.

"I thank you, Seta-rhya.
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An Announcement from the Alpha 2 June 2014
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