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 The Last Song of Yggitz the Fool

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The Last Song of Yggitz the Fool Empty
PostSubject: The Last Song of Yggitz the Fool   The Last Song of Yggitz the Fool EmptyMon Jun 23, 2014 11:32 am

(For those who went into Devil's Hole at session.)

To those who remember the full evening, you remember the music stopping and Yggitz, an old man dressed in outrageous rainbow clothing, descending down amongst the motley crew of madmen and strange creatures.  As he comes down from his dais, all grow silent and watch him.

After a long moment, you are overwhelmed with a faint but powerful sense of melancholy.  Then he begins to sing.

Raise me high, raise me high,
That I may see my fallen kindred seated.
Who met with death upon the battlefield,
Who, in the end, fell and were defeated.

And the way they were tricked by death,
Betrayed, betrayed, leveled and mistreated.
I've stuck a knife in a man for less,
But Death is not so easily defeated.

And you can pray, pray and pray for Life.
But know my friend, my dearest friend, please know this,
That Life is but Death's own right-hand man.
In every piece of his own left-hand business.

So, arm in arm, we'll run toward that pair
And, we as they, join them double-threaded
And, arms flung wide, we'll run towards that pair
And never fear that which once we dreaded


After that is only silence, and you wake in the morning in the green grass of Niagara Glen.

To those with fainter memories of the evening's events, the song will appear sporadically in your dreams several times a year until you die, but you will never be able to place where you heard it.
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The Last Song of Yggitz the Fool
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